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The Rt. Revd. Bishop Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, Ph.D

The Rt. Revd. Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, PhD, was born on the 5th day of August 1962 at the mission soil of the prestigious St. Mark’s TTC Nibo-Nise to the family of Mr. Gilbert Onyekachukwu (a disciplined Agric Teacher) & Mrs. Christiana Chizoba Ibezim. He hails from Mbaukwu in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

His Education And Ministerial Training

With the family educational background, his flair for education led him to various Institution of learning where he obtained various qualifications. He had his Primary and Secondary School education. He attended the prestigious University of Nigeria (Enugu Campus) from 1981-1986, obtaining B.Sc (Hons.) in Business Administration (Marketing). In his undergraduate days, Alex has strong passion for the work of the Lord and became a licensed Lay Reader of the Chapel of Redemption (Diocese of Enugu) of the University of Nigeria as well as a member of the Chapel of Redemption Choir from 1982-1986. He did his NYSC at Ikeja Lagos where he served as a Marketing Officer 1986-1987. While in Lagos, In response to the call of God, the former Primate of all Nigeria and Bishop of Anglican Diocese of Lagos, the Most Revd. Dr. J.A. Adetiloye (Rtd.) approved his Theological Education; Alexander proceeded for the Ordination and Theological Training at the Lagos Anglican Diocesan Seminary from 1991-1993 where he obtained the Diploma in Theology, distinguished himself with the award of the best Graduating Student. Bishop Alex appetite for sound education and exposure led him to register for his Post Graduate Studies at the University of Lagos Akoko Lagos where he obtained both a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Masters Degree in Education Guidance and Counseling in 1998.

His Journey Abroad (U.S.A)

He had the honour and privilege to travel abroad, the United States of America (USA); he was given a visa for such in December 1999 for further studies. There in USA, he obtained another Masters Degree but in Divinity (M.Div) from the Divinity and Graduate School of Trinity International University USA in December 2003. His keen interest in Biblical Studies motivated him to go further to bag a Doctorate Degree, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biblical Studies from the Divinity and Graduate School of Trinity Theological Seminary in collaboration with the Liverpool University London in December 2005 and a professional doctorate (D.Min) in Mission and Evangelism from the same Institution. Little wonder Bishop Alexander centered his life in USA in Mission and Evangelism. He transfered such in Nigeria and Awka Diocese on the assumption of his episcopacy as the second Bishop of Awka. Bishop Alex evangelistic outreaches attract unprecedented multitude of people, young and old, trooping en mass to hear the Good news and receive his Episcopal prayers and blessings. He understood that Mission/Evangelism is the heart of God. God’s grace upon his life and ministry endeared him to people and led him and Mama Awka Mrs. Martha Chioma Ibezim his amiable wife to plant an Igbo Church in USA christened St. Faith’s Church, Atlanta of the Convocation of all Nigeria Anglicans in America (CANA).

Ordination, Preferment And Appointments

In a divine service into the Holy Order presided by the then Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Revd. Dr. J. A. Adetiloye, Bishop Ibezim was made a Deacon at the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina Lagos in the year 1993. He served his Diaconate 1993-1994 and was ordained a Priest in 1994 by Archbishop Adetiloye, the former Primate of all Nigeria, at Christ Church Bariga Lagos. Alex became one of the Chaplains to the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Most Revd. Dr. J. A. Adetiloye from 1994-1999. He was posted to be the Vicar of St. Michael’s Anglican Church Coker Orile Lagos Diocese from January 1995 to December 1999 where he kept an unprecedented record till date raising the population of the Church to above 5000 Adult worshippers and over 1500 Youth worshippers. Some members of other denominations love worshipping in his Church at Coker. The Most Revd. Dr. Ademowo, the immediate past Dean, Church of Nigeria, Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos and Bishop of Lagos Diocese in his Sermon on 22nd November, 2010, during the Enthronement Service of Bishop Ibezim, as well as the Presentation Service for the New Dean Church of Nigeria and that of the New Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger at the Cathedral Church of St. Faith, Awka remarked: "No Clergy has ever beaten the record Kept by Bishop Alex Ibezim till date at St. Michael’s Anglican Church Coker Lagos…" Alex became the Chaplain to the then Primate Metropolitan of all Nigeria and the Bishop of Lagos Diocese, the Most Revd. Dr. J. A. Adetiloye (Rtd) from January 1994 to December 1999. He was preferred Canon of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Anglican Diocese of Lagos by Primate Adetiloye (Rtd) in December 1999 while the Most Revd. Dr. Ephraim Ademowo, the Archbishop of the Province of Lagos and the Bishop of Lagos Diocese and at the immediate past Dean Church of Nigeria preferred him an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Lagos on the Feast of Maundy Thursday, April 13, 2005. He served as the Secretary, Ebute Metta Archdeaconry Board, Anglican Diocese of Lagos (January to December 1999); the Cathedral Youth Chaplain, Cathedral Church of Christ Marina Lagos (January to December 1994. Archdeaconry Youth Chaplain, Ebute Metta Archdeaconry Lagos Diocese (1995-1997) and Vicar of St. Faith’s Church Atlanta. Bishop Ibezim was a member of the 7- man Task-Force Committee set up by Bishop Minns to study the possibility of Women Ordination in CANA (October 2000). His passion to minister in his home country poised him to come back to Nigeria. On coming back, it wasn’t all that easy. In the course of adapting and managing the new challenge, the Bishop of Enugu Diocese, the Rt. Revd. Dr Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma, OON offered him a right hand of fellowship by absolving him in his Diocese where he became the Administrative Assistant to the Bishop in 2008. Bishop Chukwuma later made him the Rector of the Institute of Theology and Missions, Diocese of Enugu in May 2008. Under his administration, the ultra modern building of the Institute was built, dedicated and commissioned by the incumbent Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh and the Rt. Revd. Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma, the Bishop of Enugu Diocese as the host. Until his election into the Episcopal seat of Awka in the year 2010, Bishop Alex Ibezim was appointed by the Rt. Revd. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma as the Archdeacon of the Missionary Archdeaconry., Enugu Diocese with headquarters at WTC Ogui and also the Vicar Christ Redemption (Ang.) Church WTC Ogui New Layout Enugu in May 2008. He was also a member of the Provincial Advisory Committee, Province of Enugu June 2007-2010. Alexander strengthened his faith in the Lord while in USA despite persecutions, indifferences and challenges in the Episcopal Church with respect to sexuality. He has weathered through the storms and stress of the nature of the Episcopalian Church with regards to issues on sexuality. He carried on with the Biblical Orthodox faith and guarded the Church against heresy and drift. His congregation admires cuts across every denomination or rather defies every denominational barrier.

Election, Consecration And Enthronement

With the ministerial work and episcopacy of the Most Revd. Maxwell Samuel Chukwunweike Anikwenwa (JP, OSM, OFR), the Pioneer Bishop of Awka Diocese coming to an end in November 2010 and in accordance with the Constitution of the Church of Nigeria, in electing the successor Bishop three months before the incumbent retires, Rt. Rev Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, PhD was on Friday 30th July, 2010 during the Episcopal Synod of the Church of Nigeria held at the Basilica of Grace, Gudu District Apo 1, in the Diocese of Abuja presided by the incumbent Primate of all Nigeria, the Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh under the guidance of the Holy Spirit duly elected as Bishop in the Church of God for the Diocese of Awka, the successor Bishop of the retiring Dean Church of Nigeria, Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Diocese, the Most Revd. MSC Anikwenwa (OFR) Matt. 2:5-6 read thus; "And you, Bethlehem, Land of Judah, Are by no means least among the leaders of Judah; For out of you shall come forth a ruler Who will shepherd my people Israel." After the Enthronement, the Rt. Revd. Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, Ph.D rolled out his Episcopacy agenda vis:

  1. Mission & Evangelism (priority)
  2. Discipleship
  3. Encouraging Education: Clergymen to study
  4. Capital Projects in the Diocese
  5. Planting of more Churches in rural areas
  6. Paying attention to our mothers and women (women ministry)
  7. Paying attention to our youth (youth ministry)
  8. Welfare package
  9. Cordial relationship with the State/Federal Government
  10. Accountability and discipline

He has continued to give a qualitative, visionary, dynamic, and discernible leadership to the Diocese. As part of his plan in realizing his mission/evangelistic mandate, Bishop Ibezim has established and inaugurated the following Committee in the Diocese:

  • Mission & Evangelism Committee
  • Following up & Discipleship Committee
  • Diocesan Prayer Net-work
  • Healing & Deliverance Team (Unit)

His thirst for qualitative Education has spurred him to establish and pursue the Education Trust Fund with sense of vigor in order to restore the dilapidated Mission Schools handed over by the Government to the Church. He has to his credits, the following six Academic Publications

  • The Analysis of the Rite of Infant Baptism in the light of Turner’s Theory of Rituals. B.A. Comparative Study of Discipleship Perspectives in Episcopal Church of the United State of America (ECUSA) and Discipleship Perspective in the New Testament
  • Discipleship in Igbo setting (Trinity Journal/Archive)
  • Rituals in Igbo Cultural Environment (Trinity Journal/Archive)
  • Early Missionary Perspective in Niger Mission (Trinity Journal/Archive)
  • Understanding Biblical Prayers in a Post Modern world
  • New Testament History made simple for understanding

His Divine and massive Impact to the Church and the Society

  • Missionary Outreach Network for the empowerment of local Churches in Enugu – distributed outreach materials to over 20 communities in Enugu.
  • Establishment of Bishop Ibezim Rural Development Fund in Mbaukwu (Town Union Hall is a beneficiary)
  • Widowhood Alleviation Programme that has reached over 3000 widows in the Diocese of Awka.
  • Rehabilitation and Equipped the Faith Hospital & Orphanage Awka.
  • Building of Bishop’s court/Chapel Emmaus House Awka.
  • Training of good number of Postulants/ Ordinands in the Higher Institutions
  • Successfully hosted the CON Standing Committee 2012.
  • Celebrated the Silver Jubilee of the Diocese 2012.
  • Runs the Radio Programme “Communion Hour”
  • Acquired large Expanse of land and building for the Development of the Diocese.
  • Proprietor Paul University Awka / St. Paul’s College Awka.
  • Reconstruction of Ten (10) Primary Schools in the Diocese following the returning of School to the Church.
  • Purchasing of Missionary Buses.
  • Initiated the construction of International Resource Centre Okpuno and Diocesan Convent School Awka.
  • Establishment of Ultra Modern Printing Press (Millennium Press) for the Diocese.
  • Created three more Archdeaconries and more Parishes to the existing ones to create room for more mission outreaches and employment opportunities and promotion of staff / Clergy.
  • Established Information Communication Technology Centre
  • Member Elders Forum Anambra State
  • Has contributed in the Peace stability Anambra State Polity.
  • Member Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Anambra State Chapter
  • Medical Outreach Team at Enugu to empower people in the Rural areas
  • Mobilized the Diocese to send relief aid to flood victims of 2012 disaster.
  • Planted the St. Faith’s (Igbo Church) Atlanta (CANA) USA.
  • International Guest Speaker: 2013 African Youths Conference on UN Millennium Development Goals


  • United Nations – POLAC Award as Ambassador of Peace (Ambp) in 2012 at Port Harcourt.
  • Distinguished Good Shepherd Award of Excellence by the University of Nigeria Alumni Association Awka Branch 2011.
  • Episcopal Award by the Diocese of Esan in 2013.
  • Paul Harris Fellowship Award by the Rotary Club Awka 2013

Married Life

He is happily married to Mrs. Martha Chioma Ibezim, (Nneoma, Mama Awka). The marriage, taken place on 2nd July 1994 has been witnessing the blessings of God. Mama Awka, Nneoma Awka has been a source of inspiration, encouragement, a beacon of hope and a confidant to Bishop Ibezim, contributing so much to the height of success attained in the Ministry by the grace of God. The marriage is blessed with four children (2 boys and 2 girls).

  1. Gospel Ozioma Ibezim (daughter)
  2. Chukwudalu Jordan Ibezim (son)
  3. Chibuzo Alexander Ibezim (son)
  4. Obianuju Deborah Ibezim (daughter)


Bishop Ibezim hobbies include among others Intercession, Traveling, Mission & Evangelism, Hospital/Sick Visitation and Sports.


The saying in the Scripture is true of Bishop Alex in Jer. 1:4-10 "The Lord said to me, I chose you before your were formed in your mother’s womb and before you were born I selected you to be a prophet to the nations” I answered, “Sovereign Lord, I don’t know how to speak; I am too young But the Lord said to me “Do not say that you are too young, but go to people I send you to, and tell them everything I command you to say. Do not be afraid of them, for I will be with you to protect you, I, the Lord have spoken!” Then the Lord stretched out His hand, touched my lips, and said to me, “Listen, I am giving you the words you must speak. Today I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant."

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